Forage Capital – 2Q20 Letter

July 20, 2020 David Kim
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Dear friends and investors,

For the quarter ending June 30, 2020 Forage Capital (“the Fund”) returned an estimated +33.9%, net of all fees and expenses compared to +20.5% for the S&P 500 Total Return Index.  At quarter-end, the portfolio was comprised of 15 companies and cash made up 15% of assets.

I am skeptical that the Fund’s past returns can be sustained and continue to believe that over longer time spans, annual returns closer to 10%-13% are probably more realistic.

I don’t have much to report this quarter.  In April, I sold our position in CACC.  I have little doubt that CACC will survive the COVID-induced demand shock (it has healthy profit margins and only a modest amount of recourse debt), but at 2.5x-3x book value the stock was pricing in not just survival but volume growth, which was already attenuating heading into 2020 and whose recovery I could not say with confidence was assured.  While it may be true that the more severe the COVID fallout, the more likely it is that capital abandons the industry and CACC realizes hefty returns (as was the case during the 2008-2009 financial crisis), subprime auto lending has no entry barriers and so capital tends to fill high-return voids rather quickly, punishing everyone’s reinvestment returns until the next crisis hits and the cycle repeats.

I replaced CACC with Liberty Latin America (LILAK), a cable and wireless company that operates in Latin America.  Questionable capital allocation, a calamitous hurricane, and a competitive pricing environment all conspired to blow up the lofty expectations that Malone followers had at the time Liberty Global issued LILAK as a tracking stock for its Latin American and Caribbean operations in 2015.  The stock has lost more than 80% of its value since then.  But at 4x maintenance free cash flow, I think the stock is far too cheap.  Usually when a stock trades at such depressed multiples, it either means the company is close to bankruptcy or its core business is in inexorable decline.  Neither is true of Liberty Latin America.  While its balance sheet is more levered than I’d like it to be, cable and wireless cash flows are pretty resilient and even in a stressed scenario, LLA should have no trouble covering its interest payments and debt maturities over the next 3 years.  Meanwhile, Liberty’s markets are consolidating at an intensifying pace – in the last 18 months, Liberty and Millicom have spent a combined $5bn acquiring assets – which over time should yield a market structure that supports firmer pricing and stable/expanding margins.

Also during the quarter, I pared back on Align Technology, HEICO, Microsoft, The Trade Desk, and Wix, though we continue to hold all those names.

[LILAK – Liberty Latin America] Once more unto the breach

Thanks for your continued support,

David Kim


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